Jamison Wig L Twin Lure

Jamison Wig L Twin Lure

Jamison Wig L Twin Lure is available for sale on eBay for a limited time. Click here to check the current price.

This auction is for a Jamison Wig L Twin Lure. This plastic lure is 2 1/2" in length and is Circa 1939.  The item is in condition shown in the photos. If you have any questions please ask. If you have lures you would like to consign, please contact me.

The deep and rich history of the Jamison lure company begins in 1904 with Smiling Bill himself and extends into the 1950s under the Shannon name. Having done some research on the history of antique lures, and having read many of the early National Sportsman' s and Field and Stream Magazines, I can say that more lure contests were won with the Jamison Coaxer then any other bait in the early years, pre and early teens. This was also at a time when much was being made about the function and practice of using a single hook series of treble hooks in practical purpose and spirit in the art of angling. Most folks associate Heddon and the minnow with being the king of fish and lures, not true, Heddon was a king at marketing and adapting; The Coaxer was the King at catching fish. Also of note you will find that the Jamison bait company rarely marked its wooden lures on the body itself. Also of interesting note you wont find very much paperwork if any for the early Jamison lures, as it was printed on the box label itself. Truly classic lures for any Antique lure collector or collection.

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